UX / Usability Testing

Case Studies

Usability Testing
for Medical Equipment Manufacturer


UX and Intuitive test of new digital interface on resuscitation systems.

What we did

3 focus groups in Hong kong with one with predominantly wet market seafood consumers, one with predominantly supermarket seafood consumers and one with predominantly restaurant seafood consumers.

How we helped our client

We achieved better understanding of the local attitude towards seafood and its sustainability. We helped the client to understand what was needed to be communicated in the messages in order for it to be effective in Hong Kong.

UX Study for Engineering and Electronics company


UX study for three different software tools for a multinational organisation

What we did

5 face-to-face interviews and conducted testing of three software tools in China.

How we helped

Our team interviewed with different employees and evaluated on all three software tools, which were essential to the organisation’s daily processes. Our analysis helped to uncover insights and suggestions to improve each software tool.

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