Custom Research

We Customize According to your Needs

We address specific opportunities, often with unique and difficult-to-reach audiences, with an emphasis on insights and actionable findings

Quantitative Abilities

  • Conventional Face-to-Face Surveys
  • CLT / CAPI / Quota Samples
  • In-store / Exhibits / Transport Hubs etc.

Qualitative Abilities

  • Conventional Focus Groups & IDIs
  • Bulletin Boards & Virtual Communities
  • Ethnography, in-home and in-business
  • Observational Research

Service Profile


Figuring out how and when to execute marketing strategies in ever-changing markets can be a real challenge for many brands. To help our clients make informed decisions, our studies are customised according to their particular needs, to decide how, or whether, to launch new campaigns, products or strategies.

Be it ‘problem-solving’ or ‘trouble-shooting’ studies, we seek to answer questions about slow sales, share loss, negative consumer or dealer feedback. We are capable of conducting ongoing tracking studies to monitor various aspects of the performance of a brand or campaign, or track changing market conditions and competitive dynamics.


Studies for public policies as well as social planning and health related surveys are essential in learning about the attitudes and behaviour of people. We help conduct a wide range of studies, ranging from simple statistics gathering, to sophisticated sensing exercises on sensitive social issues.

Our adoption of strict social science principles in questionnaire design, sampling and data analysis, have positioned us as a quality-led rather than price-driven provider in this market.


Image positioning research can be done with any relevant audience, general public, journalists, even competition. These studies provide our clients with a clear understanding of the nature of their reputation among the general public, business and financial public, shareholders, or any other segment of interest, and also guide other Corporate and Public Affairs policy decisions.


Companies and organisations have engaged us to study the attitudes and opinions of their employees on a wide variety of issues. To truly uncover the trends in thought and opinions, we take necessary measures, including the usage of proprietary tools, normative data comparisons, “climate” surveys, or issue specific ones to understand underlying reasons and opinions.

The Research Pacific Group has vast experience of applying its proprietary methods to carry out surveys in local and multinational organisations, such as manufacturing, financial services, multinational trading and distribution companies as well as throughout the Public Sector in Singapore.


Maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction is crucial to improving customer relations. By taking measures at every step of service delivery cycle, our research and consultancy services help to drive TQM/QA initiatives, and to define customers’ expectations is a significant part of our business.

We have extensive experience of designing actionable research programmes which are instrumental to close the gap between our clients and their customers.


We also provide other key research services, including but not restricted to:

Communications Management, Desk Research, Exploratory Learning, Mystery Shopping, Opinion Polling, Product & Service Development, Relationship Management, Strategic Planning & Market Modelling.

Project Management

Centralised Project Management

Our project management process ensures that we have total control over the design of the study, the fieldwork quality across the region and the communications necessary with the client. Each study thus has consistency of methodology, no-matter how many countries are involved while eliminating the headaches clients often face having to juggle multi-country projects.

Control of Field Quality
The right interviewers for the job

Our interviewers go through thorough training and briefing, while having their work consistently validated

Control of Communications
The person who sold a project to you will always be involved

We provide customised analysis and data. We provide customised analysis and data files according to the way YOU want them

Control of Design
We focus on meaning, not words

Our proactive approach and cultural considerations allow us to meticulously manage language issues


Business Relationship Monitor (BRM)™

The holistic approach to assessing business relationships and identifying opportunities for improvement. Based on the precept that customer goodwill is essential for businesses to differentiate themselves.

SCOPE™ – Employee Opinion and Satisfaction

The scientific goodwill organisational mapping approach to employee satisfaction and opinion measurement. Based on the precept that employee involvement is a key indicator of organizational health.


A Professional ‘8-stage’ mystery shopping service for service performance evaluation. E–VALU-8™ helps to ensure your product or service is effectively presented at retail, and identifies training opportunities for retail staff.

TISO™ – Topic Interactive Session Oriented

An alternative way to approach Qualitative Research – TISO™ helps clients gain in-depth insights into how their products or services “interact” with their customers.

We provide powerful insights that help you with your business. Speak with our consultants to receive a quote today!