What to Consider for Sample Design in Indonesia

Indonesia has a population of almost 260 million. 46% of the population live in rural areas, while 54% live in urban areas.

Known as the “archipelago country”, it consists of 5 main islands surrounded by another 17,500 small islands.

Java is the most populous island, with 60% of the Country’s total population, while in Kalimantan and Papua, population density is much lower. Many other inhabited islands have populations in in low thousands, even hundreds.

There are 1,128 ethnic groups but only one national language, “Bahasa Indonesia”.

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation. Almost 87.18% of Indonesians are Muslim.  Other main religions include Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism.

With the largest proportion of youth (age <30) in the world, Indonesia is a huge potential consumer market, as the economy continues to grow.

Social Media is hugely popular. Most common apps include Instagram, Path and Twitter. Indonesia has more than 48 million users of Facebook, making it the 4th largest market for Facebook. Conducting surveys by social media is thus practical.

Less positively, due to poor infrastructure in big cities especially, daily fieldwork strike rates are very low, appointment making is haphazard and much interviewing must be “fit” around peoples’ schedules. Rural interviewing is also very time consuming as access may be difficult and much explanation is needed to local officials and village leaders.

Research Pacific Indonesia conducts marketing research in most of Indonesia. We have teams across Indonesia’s main islands to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research.  For further information, please click here.

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