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An alternative way to approach Qualitative Research 
Introduce real respondent experience to get more insightful findings
TISO™ is based on the philosophy that respondent interaction and involvement with the topic is a necessary requirement to get any meaningful insights.    
Core principles of TISO™ are "Topic Interaction", (respondents "experience" the topic in real life) and "Session Oriented", (dialog with other session members to discuss specific reactions to their experience).   
This "Group Sharing" combined with the "Personal Experience" typically generates outstanding consumer insights, far more than traditional FGDs.   
Manage pre-existing respondent expectations and gain insights as to how your “product or service” experience impacts pre-existing imagery in a real life setting
TISO™ incorporates Perceptual Paradigm Assessment (PPA), a "Pre - Post" battery of category specific questions relating to pre-existing perceptions. Pre-PPA is conducted immediately after the screening process, Post-PPA, at the end of each session. 
The TISO™ process is designed to reduce respondent bias to the maximum extent possible
The unique PPA component of TISO™ allows clients to assess how their "Product or Service" actually impacts perceptions upon experience
The Pre-Post components of PPA provides clients with quantitative indicators which can be included in their Qualitative research. A PPA-Momentum Indicator (Perception Shift) is used as a parameter that can be included in the analysis across attributes. PPA-Momentum introduces concrete parameters at individual level which can set the framework for Qualitative Interpretation at group level. 
With TISO, clients can turn their qualitative research into Cumulative Learning Devices via the use of Internal Qualitative Norms through PPA-Momentum
TISO is most appropriate for any qualitative research where there is an actual “Product or Service” that the respondent can “Experience”

TISO™ helps clients get more insights when exploring or assessing how products or services “interact” with their customers

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