The Research Pacific Group conducted its first survey in Indonesia back in 1998 (a survey of recent buyers of Japanese automobiles); Since then we have interviewed many people from all walks of life and conducted many interesting surveys, but were still not actually ''present' here, instead, due to restrictions on foreign ownership, we used ''partners''.


Now a business unit has been set up here to operate directly. To be managed by Nelly Lakoe, a local Indonesian (rather than an expat!) who has a decade of varied experience in sales & marketing in telecommunications, management experience in the mining industry and the legal profession. She is based in Jakarta and working closely with our SIN head office a mere 70 minutes flight away. Already with major ethnographic work (personal care products and M-communications) under its belt, plus, recently, dozens of difficult interviews with mining technology users as well as quantitative surveys of truck owners and medical staff, among others, the new team has already truly 'cut its teeth' and is ready for anything the many clients with an increased focus on this rapidly growing market can throw at it!


A major win just announced for the new team, is a one year contract just signed with Bali Airport for ongoing monthly passenger surveys. Research Pacific Indonesia will, like its ''parent'' focus on behavioural work, branding, communications, market entry & positioning, product development, reputation and strategy, service performance and related; Quali and Quanti full service, but essentially is 'open' to any client request to study this fascinating market; Ethnography and client market-fam trips will also be a significant part of its activities.


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Research Pacific India, led by James Washington ended 2014 with two more success stories which capped off a ''reasonable'' year given domestic business pressures, and local cut-backs.

First, we were very pleased to be awarded a major survey by Tetrapak, to study Indian attitudes on the critical issue of Food Safety. This large-scale study was widely published in India, including in the Times of India and other consumer and trade publications and blogs. Please visit for further info.


Next, and to round out the year, we were delighted to win a major contract from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. This contract is for a research programme to study the effects of the Ministry's various programmes in place to support the disadvantaged Tribal populations in the State of Andrah Pradesh. The study will encompass at least 20 focus groups and 35 IDI sessions with various stakeholders involved in implementing and managing these programmes as well as 400 interviews with tribal people themselves drawn from different communities in the State;

The findings will help to guide the Ministry's future strategy and management of these politically sensitive activities under the new Indian Central Government.


For further information about The Research Pacific Group and its Social Research abilities in the region click here. For more information on Research Pacific India's capabilities please email to


The Research Pacific Group is the Asian member of this leading international grouping of independent research agencies.

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We are pleased to announce that our President Irwin Hankins was recently re-elected as Chairperson of the TRA for the 2015 term.


The membership gives Research Pacific Group companies access to not only the fieldwork capabilities across the world when needed for its clients, with TRA members now on almost every continent and in all the key emerging markets and EU states, but also access to methodologies and technological support when needed.


Who have we been talking to?
In recent months, among many other engagements, we have been asked to talk to diverse target groups including;
  • Chicken farmers in Korea
  • Luxury Car drivers across Asia
  • High school Educators and Advisors in China
  • Regulatory Industry Stakeholders related to the Healthcare sector in 6 markets
  • Perfume and Cosmetic buyers in India
  • Mining technology buyers in Indonesia
  • Truck drivers in Malaysia
  • Investment Analysts in Singapore
  • Chefs in Philippines

as well as of course hundreds of 'normal' consumers /business people for B2C/B2B work across the region.


If you would like to know how we can help you reach your target markets or stakeholders, no matter how difficult or unusual, drop us an email!   


With very best wishes.

Irwin Hankins

Group President


Mobile: +65 9765 9211